Aloha Ms. Klainer

Student Q&A

From Ellie: “How different will this year with a new principal?”

Change can be difficult. There will be new faces and new names at Viewlands this year. However, I don’t plan or see big changes to our school culture. We will continue to stress being Safe, Kind and Helpful and recognize our Honorable Orcas. We will continue to have high expectations for students, challenge ourselves and learn from our mistakes. It will be different for me to not be in the cafeteria every day talking with students. But I do plan to continue to know each student by name. If students have ideas about how to make our school better, I am here to listen!

From Leah: “Is this your dream come true?”

Yes. I can’t imagine doing this job anywhere else. I love the students, staff and families at Viewlands!

From Izzy: “Can we be the Viewlands Cats instead of Orcas?”

I, too, love cats but I don’t think we can change our mascot at this point. We have too many tee shirts, pictures and materials reflecting Orcas. And it is in our school song as well.

From Kayla: “Will you bring your son to school?”

Archie is going to a different school, but he will be stopping by. As will his sister who is excited to start preschool.

From Ruby: “What is your favorite book?”

That is a tough question. I’m in a book club with friends now. I love that it pushes me to read different types of books that I normally wouldn’t choose. I don’t think I can pick my favorite. But I love to read books that teach me about other cultures and important events from the past.

From Adi: “Do you have a pet? If so, what is it’s name?”

I have two pets. George the cat and Bob the dog. My son really wants a peregrine falcon. Apparently they fly really fast.

From Niels: “What is your favorite game?”

My favorite game to watch is football. My favorite game to play with my children is kickball. My absolute favorite is doing puzzles. My son and I usually do a 1000 piece puzzle a week.

From Sasha: “Can we have a pizza day?”

I am open to this.

Welcome Ms. Rose

Our new Assistant Principal

Xanasha Rose will be joining us this year as the Assistant Principal. Xanasha has been an assistant principal in the district for four years, most recently at Bailey Gatzert where she previously taught both third grade and kindergarten.

Welcome new staff!

Norma Andrade teaches Fourth Grade and comes to us from another SPS school.

Sarah Bianchi is our new Occupational Therapist working with Jill Zyvoloski.

Nina Machuca joins our team as a Spanish speaking Instructional Assistant.

Le Ngo is our primary grades Special Education resource teacher.

Caitlin Rich will be teaches Fifth Grade and recently completed her Seattle Teacher Residency.

Alison Samuels teaches Fourth Grade. She previously taught in Maryland.

Christine Simonitch joins Ms. Dover as a Speech and Language therapist.

Scott Skoglund is our new School Nurse and will be here Mondays and alternating Wednesdays.