Aloha Ms. Klainer

Student Q&A

From Ellie: “How different will this year with a new principal?”

Change can be difficult. There will be new faces and new names at Viewlands this year. However, I don’t plan or see big changes to our school culture. We will continue to stress being Safe, Kind and Helpful and recognize our Honorable Orcas. We will continue to have high expectations for students, challenge ourselves and learn from our mistakes. It will be different for me to not be in the cafeteria every day talking with students. But I do plan to continue to know each student by name. If students have ideas about how to make our school better, I am here to listen!

From Leah: “Is this your dream come true?”

Yes. I can’t imagine doing this job anywhere else. I love the students, staff and families at Viewlands!

From Izzy: “Can we be the Viewlands Cats instead of Orcas?”

I, too, love cats but I don’t think we can change our mascot at this point. We have too many tee shirts, pictures and materials reflecting Orcas. And it is in our school song as well.

From Kayla: “Will you bring your son to school?”

Archie is going to a different school, but he will be stopping by. As will his sister who is excited to start preschool.

From Ruby: “What is your favorite book?”

That is a tough question. I’m in a book club with friends now. I love that it pushes me to read different types of books that I normally wouldn’t choose. I don’t think I can pick my favorite. But I love to read books that teach me about other cultures and important events from the past.

From Adi: “Do you have a pet? If so, what is it’s name?”

I have two pets. George the cat and Bob the dog. My son really wants a peregrine falcon. Apparently they fly really fast.

From Niels: “What is your favorite game?”

My favorite game to watch is football. My favorite game to play with my children is kickball. My absolute favorite is doing puzzles. My son and I usually do a 1000 piece puzzle a week.

From Sasha: “Can we have a pizza day?”

I am open to this.

Welcome Ms. Rose

Our new Assistant Principal

My name is Xanasha Rose, and I am the new assistant principal. Many of you might be wondering why I chose Viewlands. I have spent much of my 20 years in the Central and Southeast regions of Seattle Public Schools. Most recently, I was the assistant principal at Bailey Gatzert. I have also served as a third-grade teacher, a head teacher and I even taught kindergarten. With that experience, I recognize and appreciate that Viewlands serves a diverse community and continues to show academic progress! As a part of the Viewlands team, I hope to continue my own growth and development as an instructional leader, learning from each experience I have along the way.

When I am not at Viewlands, I enjoy spending time with my family, watching sports, and exercising. I have been known to talk endlessly about superheroes, football, gymnastics and even Lego!

The Viewlands community has been quite welcoming and supportive. Thank you to the staff, students and families for making me feel a part of this amazing school community!

Student Q&A

From Oliver: “Where are you from?”

Oliver, Thank you for asking! I was born in Georgia and lived there for about four years. My family then moved to San Francisco, California. I lived in San Francisco for 18 years before moving to Seattle in 1994.

From Maya: “What is your favorite food?”

Maya, believe it or not, my favorite food is peanut butter. I love most things that contain peanut butter or any kind of nut butter. My least favorite food that contains peanut butter are Reese’s Pieces.

From Julia: “Do you like sports?”

Julia, Do I love sports…Absolutely! I love to watch football, basketball and gymnastics the most! I even wanted to play football in high school, but my dad thought it was too dangerous for me. So, chose to participate in track, gymnastics and was a football manger in high school.

From Adi: “Do you have a pet?”

Adi, I am sad to say we do not have a pet. We used to have two aquatic frogs, which we had for about six years. When I was in high school, we lived in a house that had a small pond that was home to two turtles (my favorite animal)! We hope to have a dog one day!

From Ruby: “What is your favorite book from the 5th grade?”

Ruby, My favorite book as a fifth grader… that is a tough question…I think I remember reading a lot of books by Judy Blume. So I would have to say it was probably anything that she had written (Freckle Juice, Super Fudge, and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing).

“Do you have a favorite quote?”

My favorite quote…“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the smallest step.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Do you think we could change our mascot to Cats?”

Changing the mascot to cats…Hmm. I am not sure about that. But knowing how much Ms. Klainer loves cats, anything is possible!

Mary K. McNeill

Vocal Music

Vocal music teacher Mary K. McNeill has been teaching music in the Seattle Public Schools for two decades. Mary K. is an artist, activist, and storyteller, all of which she uses in her work with students. Her philosophy is to empower children to raise their voices through music: “One of the lines the children sing is that ‘…we can make a difference/we are the children of the world.‘”

Musical styles covered include American and World Folk Music, seasonal songs, and songs about peace, among other things. “I choose songs that inform us about what it is to be a human being. Children like to laugh and so do I.  I look for songs that develop our humor about whatever challenges we deal with.  Also, we sing songs that encourage questioning about what kind of people we are and want to be.  I bring songs that are rich with history, that tell what life was like and what people experienced, their choices, their feelings, their losses, their triumphs.  The songs tell stories of days without electricity, before cars and planes and indoor plumbing.  They are fun to sing and give the children a sense of “being there”.  Music brings everything in a form that children love.”

In addition to teaching at several Seattle area schools and El Centro de la Raza, Mary K directs the beginning level choir of the Pacifica Children’s Choir, she leads a local children’s performance group that sing songs of peace – called “Children of Peace” ( Mary K also led the Seeds of Compassion Choir, consisting of 1800 children and adults who sang for His Holiness, The Dalai Lama in 2008 and she teaches each summer at the Middle East Peace Camp. Her true passion is giving children a voice through music to spread the message of peace.

Student Q&A

From KiranWill we be doing new songs this year?

Yes! There are always new songs to sing.

From Ben: How long have you been singing?

Since my first cry as a baby.  Just like you.

From JulietteWhat is your favorite song?

Whatever song I’m singing is my favorite for that moment. I have a motto:  “Life is too short to sing a song you don’t love.” So all the songs I bring to share with you dear precious children are all my favorites.

From RubyWhat is your favorite instrument?”

My favorite instrument is the piano because I started playing it in elementary school and never quit – so I’m pretty good at it.

From AdiDo you have any pets?”

Yes.  I have a magical cat. Her name is Bubo.

Welcome new staff!

Norma Andrade teaches Fourth Grade and comes to us from another SPS school.

Sarah Bianchi is our new Occupational Therapist working with Jill Zyvoloski.

Nina Machuca joins our team as a Spanish speaking Instructional Assistant.

Le Ngo is our primary grades Special Education resource teacher.

Caitlin Rich will be teaches Fifth Grade and recently completed her Seattle Teacher Residency.

Alison Samuels teaches Fourth Grade. She previously taught in Maryland.

Christine Simonitch joins Ms. Dover as a Speech and Language therapist.

Scott Skoglund is our new School Nurse and will be here Mondays and alternating Wednesdays.