Viewlands Outdoors

Viewlands Trail Repair wins Grant

Good news for the users of Carkeek Park — a grant to rebuild and reroute part of the trail from Viewlands School has been approved. Mudslides at the bottom of the trail have damaged the access and threaten to close the trail the next time a mudslide occurs.

Carkeek Park

This popular park offers extraordinary views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Explore the secrets of this northwest Seattle watershed, adjacent to Viewlands Elementary School. Here, 220 acres of lush forest, meadows, wetlands, creeks, and beach are formed by the magic of water and time. Come take part in an education program, have a picnic, or get involved as a volunteer teacher or as part of an outdoor work party. Walk the Pipers Canyon Story Trail, play on the uniquely salmon themed play area, or touch time at the historic Piper Orchard.

Piper’s Creek Watershed

The Piper’s Creek watershed is the third largest watershed in Seattle covering approximately 2.5 square miles and draining a total of 1,835 acres into Puget Sound. The main stem channel is roughly two miles in length and is contained almost entirely within the boundaries of Carkeek Park. Piper’s Creek contains a number of in-stream species including coho and chum salmon (hatchery origin), sea-run and resident cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and four kinds of sculpin. The best time to see salmon is in November.

Viewlands students have the unique opportunity to learn about the watershed ecosystem and the salmon life cycle first-hand. In addition to visiting the education center to watch salmon, students are able to see salmon hatch from eggs and mature in a large tank in the hallway at Viewlands. The student salmon release parade is a hi-light of the year.

Viewlands Community Garden

Through innovative educational programs, students learn how to grow and eat nutritious food in a way that regenerates healthy ecosystems. Teachers use gardens, farms and kitchens as classrooms to offer hands-on learning experiences that re-connect students to nutritious food, local farmers and the Earth.

Read more about the grant from the National Science Foundation to Seattle Public Schools and the nonprofit Tilth Alliance to build learning gardens