Spring 2020 Enrichment

Volunteers may be eligible for a discount. Please email the enrichment coordinators for more information.

Registration Begins March 11th!

Classes begin
April 6th.

Scholarship application deadline is March 25th.

Questions? Scholarships? Want to Volunteer?

JUNIOR CODING by Creative Coding

Get them started early! This class for 1st and 2nd graders features a mixture of creative play and guided activities with tablets to get your children exposed to basic coding concepts. Students will learn about programming, then practice it for themselves in a variety of fun and creative exercises intended to develop computational thinking. At the end of the class, every student will get to present something they worked on for their friends, family, and classmates. Coders are welcome to repeat this course, receiving greater challenges each time until they are ready for our Core classes. 


Your child can code their own games, art, and mobile apps! Our class for grades 3-5 is open to all experience levels. Students will bring their own ideas for the games and animations they wish to create, and our teachers will guide them toward their goals. A variety of challenges will supplement each coder’s own projects, which they’ll get to show in a presentation at the end of the class! Beginners will spend the first few lessons learning the basics of coding and how to use Scratch before diving into their own projects. Our classic Creative Coding experience is designed to be repeated as many times as desired, as each student continues to hone their skills through the individual assistance of our awesome instructors!

by Mad Science

Our Junior Mad Scientists put STEM into science as we examine how potential and kinetic energy is used to power toys, learn about frequencies and cell phones, explore what life is like underwater, discover how the sun, wind, and water make electricity, and experiment with action-reaction forces as we investigate Newton’s three laws of motion. Every Mad Science class delivers engaging hands-on activities, amazing demonstrations, and fun educational take-homes that your Junior Mad Scientist can build and share with family and friends.


Come get your worldly groove on! Each seasonal session of World Dance with Marissa will focus on a different area of the world. Participants will learn a variety of cultural dances from the featured area of the world. Students will further learn about each place by creating a booklet of coloring pages illustrating various cultural aspects of each country. Dress up, dance videos, games, stories and instruments from these cultures will also be part of the children’s World Dance experience! Informal Costumed Performance at the end of the session.


Celebrate the coming of Spring with Play-Well and tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build chirping birds, design blossoming flowers, and take a ride on a paddle boat. Design and build as never before and explore your craziest ideas.

You don’t have to make dinner tonight! Each week, students learn basic cooking skills while making dinner for their families! Students will create delicious dishes focusing on the importance of local ingredients, scratch cooking, and natural preservatives while practicing knife skills and kitchen safety. We use the perspective of food, cooking, and nutrition to learn about geography, math skills, science, and culture, while helping kids develop a lifelong love of fresh ingredients. Our hands-on cooking classes are fun, delicious, and healthy and are a wonderful way to develop enthusiasm for the kitchen classroom. Each entrée will serve 4 to 6 and will be packaged in oven-ready cookware with baking instructions. Here is our menu. We will provide vegetarian options upon request at registration.


Kids will have the opportunity to learn to play their favorite songs and music on electric keyboards. Radio hits, movie, and television themes are made easy. The club is a combination of keyboard piano lessons and a music-learning workshop, which uses a clever visual method to teach the basics of music reading and piano-playing. We’ve developed lots of learning games and activities designed to teach kids basic music reading skills and playing techniques, in ways that are fun, engaging, and stimulating. We want our students to stay motivated and continue to want to learn to play music; whether they like Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, or Beethoven, we have all the music they want! Each participant has his/her own keyboard supplied during the class, along with headphones, and books and other materials are included.


Chess is a wonderful game for young minds and teaches a wide variety of social, visual, and thinking skills. In chess, children have a world that THEY control, where they can make choices, and where they learn the consequences of their choices. In Chess club we use a dynamic approach to help young kids learn the game of chess at their level and at their speed.

Register by form returned to the PTSA box in the office.


Join 1ON1 this Spring after school for our Floor Hockey /Ultimate Frisbee Combo! We will hold Ultimate down of the field when the weather permits, and we’ll play fastaction
Floor Hockey in the gym when it’s wet out. Both of these highly energetic sports involve constant movement and spatial awareness in addition to a variety of motor-skills. If you want to learn, sweat and have
fun….JOIN 1ON1.


Join Smart with Art as we learn a variety of printmaking techniques from monoprinting note cards to abstracted art incorporating collographs. Learn new techniques and expand your artistic skills as we discover all printmaking has to offer! We will work with inks, paint in this innovative artistic session.

PARKOUR by Parkour Visions

Our high-energy, interactive classes will have your student jumping, climbing, swinging, rolling, and crawling around the playground! Through fun games, safe quality instruction, and supervised free play, we teach how to overcome fear, set goals, positively collaborate, and creatively problem solve. Whether your student is a first timer or a dedicated practitioner, these classes are perfect for improving movement and making friends.

ALL SPORTS by One On One

Join One on One for All-Sport Class this coming session. Skilled and experienced instructors will conduct an exciting and productive session each week right after school. We will learn the strategies and motor-skills of various sports and games while playing games and scrimmages–great fun and great exercise! Have fun playing all of your favorite sports and games, including basketball, soccer, kickball, Capture the Flag, line tag, Ultimate Frisbee, and more!


Join Stone Soup Theatre for a class on musical theatre and an introduction to Lion KIng! This will feature favorite songs like Hahuna Matata and concludes with a
performance for family and friends.