Upcoming Events
Watch for more VEPTSA events coming this year:
– Movie Night

– Spring Auction

– Family Dance

Saturday November 6th

Carkeek Salmon Walk

  • 1:00 PM Meet at Viewlands Construction Site & Walk Piper’s Creek Trail to View Spawning Salmon OR 1:30 PM Meet at the Carkeek Lower Parking Area by the Salmon Stewards Booth
  • Masks required per King County guidance.
  • Grade-level volunteers will lead groups for the hike.
  • Adults must accompany their children, but the whole family is invited. Please try to walk or park in the neighborhood to avoid congestion.
  • Salmon Stewards FB page

Flier for Viewlands Carkeek Salmon Walk
El folleto para Viewlands Carkeek Salmon Walk en EspaƱol

Wednesday March 16, 2022
7-8 PM

VEPTSA General Meeting

Join us for budget approval and voting in new board members for next year. This is a great opportunity to meet and connect with other Viewlands families and see how you can help out at the school.

IMPORTANT: All families are welcome, not just those who have enrolled in VEPTSA!

To join the online VEPTSA meeting please send an email to communications@viewlands.org.