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Viewlands Elementary Playground Improvement Project Update!

Dear Friend of Viewlands, 

It’s a happy 4th!!! November 4th!!! which culminated the Viewlands Playground Donor Drive + Legacy Campaign and over $45,000 raised!!!
The total $ donated and received to VEPTSA for the Playground Donor Drive + Legacy Campaign (Oct. 14-Nov. 4th)= $45,579
The count today from this last week was $23,371 (which includes an extremely generous $15,000 private donor contribution through the Seattle Foundation and the numerous donations combined via check or credit card from individual donors).  I want to thank everyone who helped with outreach for this Legacy Campaign and on behalf of the VEPTSA, we genuinely thank each and every donor!!!
What an inspirational team effort and significant results, beyond what I even imagined.  Remarkable!!! The Viewlands Playground project will become a reality this summer 2016!!!
We have exceeded our goal, which is fabulous, and will allow us to accomplish more of Phase I.
The new play structure area is now confirmed, along with grass field renovation and associated site infrastructure/pathways to the new play area!!  plus whatever more we can financially accomplish (1/8 mile permeable asphalt track- 8 feet wide, embankment slide area or natural hillside pathway/outdoor classroom seating, stage area) with the additional funds that come our way Nov. 5th-March 4th 2016!!!
It’s still not too late to give… as all funds that can be leveraged (Nov. 5th-March 4th) will support additional improvements prioritized by the community and significantly benefit the entire school and local community!!!
Thanks for your partnership again and taking on the challenge to find 4 donors… to truly be inspired!!!  
Inspiring results!!!  
Sincerely, Christel Peterson